Chemicare accelerated by Bio4Dreams

The orphan drugs pharmaceutical start-up ChemiCare has successfully been invested by Bio4Dreams.

ChemiCare, the first start-up committed to the development of Store-Operated Calcium Entry modulators as a therapy for rare diseases, has been accelerated by Bio4Dreams.


Bio4Dreams is a privately funded certified incubator for innovative start-ups in very early-stage phase, dedicated to Life Sciences, where researchers and scientists have a chance to exploit and develop their innovative ideas in a top level scientific and managerial environment.


ChemiCare is committed to the discovery and development of orphan drugs for patients affected by calcium-related genetic diseases. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life of patients affected by Tubular Aggregate Myopathy, York Platelet Syndrome, Stomorken Syndrome and Acute Pancreatitis by developing drug therapies that restore the abnormal intracellular calcium level, a common feature of these three rare diseases.


ChemiCare’s efforts have resulted in the generation of a number of unique and potent inhibitors of the Store Operated Calcium Entry. By targeting a cluster of rare diseases currently without therapy, ChemiCare represents a new frontier against calcium-related rare diseases.


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